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TCO: Metal & Steel Products

Application: Crane Motor Motor Type: DC Manufacturer: GE HP: 60 Voltage: 500 RPM: 1150 Enclosure: DPG Problem An Alabama Steel pipe mill had been understaffed for an extended period of time, resulting in delayed or never-performed maintenance inspections. IPS field service technicians are contacted to provide scheduled visual inspections. Solution IPS identifies a bearing issue [...]


TCO- Paper Manufacturing

Problem A North Carolina paper mill was experiencing repetitive failures on a pump motor. Their motor service provider could not help them solve the issue and bearings were failing without a clear root cause. Unplanned downtime cost the operators up to [...]


TCO- Wood Product Manufacturing

Problem A dryer ID fan motor in an OSB (Oriented Strand Board) facility had failed three times in one year. Unplanned downtime cost the operators up to $7,500 an hour in lost production, with an unplanned Total Cost of Ownership [...]