IPS PowerSeal – Checklist

PowerSeal medium-voltage Rewind Checklist

PowerSeal is our premium, medium-voltage VPI electrical insulation system for stator rewinds from 1 kV to 7.2 kV. It is designed for a 40-year lifecycle providing the highest reliability and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in a medium-voltage rewind. We’ve installed it in over 10,000 electric motors and generators over the last 25+ years, in continuous process plants throughout North America. Use this comparison chart to make sure that you’re getting the best and most reliable medium-voltage stator rewind for your electric motor or generator.

No. of Years 25+
No. of Medium-Voltage Rewinds 10,000+
Winding Warranty 5 Years
Industries All
Engineering & Technology
Voltage Rating 1 kV to 7.2 kV
Life Cycle Design 40 Years
Log Life Aging Curve (Available)
Design Qualification Testing
IPS Stator Coil Specification
IPS Rewind Specification
Efficiency Gain Capability
Power (HP) Up-Rate Capability
Insulation Qualification Testing
Available Arrhenious Log Life Aging Curve
Thermal Insulation Class @ 10 Years Class N (200°C)
Thermal Insulation Class @ 20 Years Class N (200°C)
Thermal Insulation Class @ 30 Years Class H (180°C)
Thermal Insulation Class @ 40 Years Class H (180°C)
IEEE 43 – Insulation Resistance > 1 GΩ
IEEE 43 – Polarization Index (PI) Ratio > 4
IEEE 522 Surge Test >5.0 p.u. @ 0.1µs
AC Hi-Pot to Destruction
— 4,160 VAC 40+ kV
— 6,600 VAC 65+ kV
IEEE 1043 voltage endurance
— 400 Hours @ 120˚C
— 250 Hours @ 120˚C
— 50 Hours @ 120˚C
IEEE 1310 thermal cycling
IEEE 1776-2008 sealed insulation system
VPI Resin and Insulation tape compatibility
Coil Manufacturing
Stator coil specification type Material & Process
Superior Turn Insulation
Superior Ground Wall Insulation:
— Higher Mica Content
— Denser Ground Wall
Sealed Lead Exits
Taped Coil Leads
Surge Test & Hi-Pot Testing
Sacrificial stator coils per Job Qty. 2+
Rewind Process
Typical lead time 3-4 Weeks
Rush lead time 2 Weeks
Winding Clean Room Available
Calibrated Shop Equipment
Core Loss Testing with Thermography 500 kVA up to 30,000 HP
— Before Stator Burnout
— After Stator Burnout
— Full burnout oven cycle reports
Superior Winding Techniques
— Insulating Materials
— Spacing between coils
— Blocking, Bracing & Lashing
— Series, Pole & Jumper Connections
— Lead Cable Material
— Lead Cable Connections
— Circuit Ring Construction
Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI)
— Calibrated VPI tank
— Full VPI process documentation
— 100% solids epoxy resin
— Resin Viscosity Check
— Sacrificial VPI Coils
Bake Oven Cycle Reports
In-Process Testing:
— Megger™ per IEEE43
— Surge Test per IEEE522
— DC Hi-Pot per IEEE95
— No-load testing
Optional Rewind Testing
Load testing To 4,500 HP @ 15 kV
IEEE 1776-2008 underwater AC hi-pot
IEEE 1043 voltage endurance
IEEE 1434 Corona (TVA) Probe
Partial Discharge (PD)
Blackout Test with UV Camera
PdMA Motor Circuit Evaluation (MCE)
ABB Life Expectancy Analysis Program (LEAP)
Available post-installation testing
Insulation Resistance – PI Test
AC and DC Hipot Test
Surge Comparison Test
DC Conductivity Test
Capacitance/Capacitance Tip Up
Dissipation Power Factor Tip Up
Inductive Impedance Test
On-line and Off-line PD Testing
— Lifting Capacity 145-tons
— Core Loss Tester 500 kVA up to 30,000 HP
— Burnout Oven 16′ x 15′ x 20′
— Balancing Capability 40+ tons
— VPI tank 14′ dia. X 17′ Deep
— Bake Oven 14′ x 15′ x 20′
— No-load testing To 37,500 HP @ 13.8 kV
— Load testing To 4,500 HP @ 13.8 kV

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