IPS PowerSeal – Process

IPS PowerSeal™ —
Complete control of all material, coil manufacturing and rewind processes

Optimized, qualified and documented medium-voltage process

PowerSeal™ is our patented, premium, global VPI electrical insulation system for medium-voltage AC motors and generators from 1 kV to 7.2 kV. It’s designed to provide the reliability and performance you need for the most severe and demanding industry applications while supporting an industry leading 5-year warranty and 40-year design life. Developed with extensive laboratory and material testing, the PowerSeal electrical insulation system consists of optimized technologies, processes and materials which yield performance and durability that lead the industry. We test our stator coils, stator cores, resins, tapes, lead cables and insulating materials. We calibrate every piece of equipment that touches a PowerSeal rewind — hand tools, VPI tanks, ovens and test equipment. Everything is qualified, documented and ready for your review.

Dedicated medium-voltage and large motor repair resources

All PowerSeal premium medium-voltage rewinds comes standard with extensive engineering design and support, qualified stator coil and rewind specifications, dedicated facilities and veteran rewind specialists available throughout our North American Service Centers. We do multiple PowerSeal rewinds each month, meaning that our technicians and engineers are truly specialists in the repair industry and experienced with most industrial applications and environments. They live medium-voltage on a daily basis. Our facilities are also equipped and experienced in dealing with large and extra-large motors and generators. This includes lifting capacity of 145 Tons, 14’ VPI tanks, load testing to 13.8 kV, core loss testing to 500 kVA and the largest ovens and balancers.

Environmental controls for Foreign Material Exclusion (FME)

PowerSeal rewinds are offered by the majority of our service centers across the North America. All of these service centers maintain industry leading cleanliness and organizational standards to ensure best Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) practices. All rewinds are conducted in clean environments to ensure rewind integrity, and prevent foreign material contamination throughout the process.

Coil testing before and after insertion

We megger, surge test and DC hi-pot stator coils before and after insertion in the stator core. We also perform in-process proof tests on the entire winding for added assurance of winding integrity. Sample coils regularly undergo IEEE 1043 medium-voltage endurance testing.

Rewinding for maximum structural integrity

With the coils inserted into stator slots and top sticks in place, IPS technicians lash the coils to surge rings, then block the coil heads by lashing Dacron® mat and polyester laminate. This ensures negligible coil movement in severe-duty applications, such as plug reversals or across-the-line starts. IPS technicians also provide superior series, pole and jumper connections that provided increased reliability to every rewind.  We also hand tape our circuit rings for increased winding reliability.

Lower vacuum—higher pressure eliminates voids and seals stator coils

Every stator undergoes computer-controlled vacuum pressure impregnation—ensuring a homogenous fill and void-free insulation for maximum durability, maximum structural integrity and maximum resistance to abrasion, chemicals and moisture.  Each PowerSeal rewind includes a minimum of two sacrificial stator coils that are “wet checked” after VPI to validate complete resin penetration and saturation of stator coil insulation tapes.

Oven curing for improved durability

We oven cure each stator after the VPI cycle. This reinforces the previous steps of lashing the coils, blocking the coil heads and vacuum pressure impregnation, to turn the winding into a solid, rugged system. We also apply an overcoat for added environmental protection.

Reliability. Delivered.

We performance-match all PowerSeal materials and processes to deliver the reliability you need from your rewind. We offer optional testing such as IEEE 1776-2008 Sealed Insulation System (water immersion AC Hi-Pot testing to voltage rating x 1.15) to validate our PowerSeal medium-voltage rewind.

Core Loss Testing - Comprehensive Electric Motor and Generator Testing

IPS performs a core loss test before and after the burn-out process to ensure that the Watts/Lbs. readings of the stator core have not changed.

IPS Premium Rewinds

IPS medium-voltage technicians apply best rewinding practices ensuring maximum mechanical and electrical integrity.

IPS 14' VPI tank premium rewinds

IPS can VPI medium-voltage stators up to 14 feet in diameter

IPS PowerSeal Rewind

Superior winding techniques and materials provide increased reliability for series, pole and jumper connections.

PowerSeal Process - Hand taped circuit rings

Hand taped circuit rings provide increased reliability.

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