Dodge® TXT Exchange Units

Dodge TXT exchange units by IPS

Dodge® TXT Exchange Units

Need to replace a Dodge TXT unit fast? Our Dodge TXT Exchange Program has ready-to-ship Dodge TXT spares in sizes 5 to15, to have you up and running without waiting for repairs.

IPS remanufactures torque arm reducers using Dodge drawings, specifications, procedures and genuine Dodge parts, backing exchange TXT units with a full one-year warranty. Your repairable failed unit goes to a participating IPS service for remanufacture.


Level I and II repair kits in stock

We have Level I and II repair kits and parts for Dodge TXT torque arm repair.

Level I repair kits include:

  • Input/output seals
  • Bearing sets
  • Shim kit and instruction manual

Level II repair kits include:

  • All Level I parts
  • Input pinion and first-stage gear
  • More protection

We also stock output shaft hubs and carcasses.

IPS Indiana-PA leads our Dodge TXT program. For more information, talk to your IPS sales representative or contact us.

Dodge TXT exchange units

Dodge TXTs side by side, before and after remanufacture

Dodge TXT exchange units

Dodge TXT remanufactured units prepared for shipment

Dodge TXT exchange units

Dodge TXT units remanufactured to specification using genuine Dodge parts

Dodge TXT exchange units

A returned unit must have a reusable housing (carcass) for it to be remanufactured as a future exchange unit

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