Replacement & Spare Parts

AC & DC Motor and Generator Sales and Distribution

Replacement & Spare Parts

IPS has the parts you need, with deep local, regional and national inventories of new products and replacement parts for industry-leading OEMs.

AC & DC Motor Parts

  • AC motors
    — ball bearings, sleeve bearings, fans, fan covers, rotors, encoders, Inpro Seals and more
  • DC motors
    — brushes, brushholders, bearings, yokes, fields, armature coils, complete armatures, tachometers, fans, fan covers, blowers, commutators and all other DC motor parts
  • Gearboxes
    — gears, pinions, shafts, seals, and more

Wind Power Parts & Products

  • Generator and gearbox components
  • Bearings—Steel, Insocoat and ceramic
  • Motors—pitch, yaw and cooling pump
  • Generator couplings
  • Pitch control battery packs
  • Encoders—hollow/solid shaft
  • Power slip rings
  • Pitch control slip rings
  • Custom slip rings
  • Shaft grounding rings
  • Brushes and brush holders
  • Auto lubrication systems
  • Grease and oil

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Replacement and Spare Motor Parts

IPS is a Master Distributor and has pricing agreements with the major industry OEMs.

Replacement and Spare Motor Parts
Replacement and Spare Motor Parts

IPS is a Master Distributor for key OEMs, including:

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