IPS Engineering — Single-source capabilities focused on operating reliability

IPS Engineering focuses on operating reliability, backed by single-source capabilities for electric motors and generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution. We serve as trusted advisors for customers who value uptime and technical expertise.

Our engineers have decades of experience with harsh-duty applications. When equipment fails, we roll up our sleeves and drill down to determine root cause of the failure mode.

We’re the kind of engineers who keep hard hats in our trucks.

IPS engineers work closely with our repair and field service technicians, using diagnostic technologies and advanced analytics to engineer fleet-level solutions. Our ability to troubleshoot and drive reliability across operations makes us the choice of customers who can’t afford unplanned downtime.

IPS Engineering services include:

  • Application consulting
  • Comprehensive testing/advanced diagnostics
  • RCFA investigation and reporting
  • Engineered solutions
  • Rewind technologies
  • Design & reverse engineering
  • Remanufacturing
  • Customer training

For more on IPS Engineering and how we rethink reliability, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Application consulting for reliability and asset optimization

The IPS Engineering Council has the credentials and industry-specific experience you want to see. We have application and design engineers from all the major OEMs on staff, to identify complex design problems.

Together, we have over 1,000 years of experience with electric motors and generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution. We provide root cause failure analysis with testing and engineering for the application.

Comprehensive testing to validate recommendations

IPS tests all of your critical infrastructure — electric motors and generators, gearboxes, pumps, fans, blowers, and compressors. Our repair and field service technicians run a full battery of IEEE electrical tests, including partial discharge and lifecycle assessment.

We also provide thermography, ultrasonic testing, and vibration analysis. Our advanced diagnostics help establish repair or corrective actions to resolve our customers’ toughest challenges.

These expert RCFA investigations identify failure modes and associated causes, along with necessary repair and ongoing maintenance requirements.

IPS performs various power system analyses. These include load capability, short circuit, protective device coordination, and arc flash studies. We also provide documentation updates.

Engineered solutions for more reliability and efficiency

We engineer for the application, customizing OEM equipment for increased reliability and efficiency. We also work with the IPS Custom Equipment group on power and control systems, e-Houses, switchgear, and substations.

When we want additional engineering horsepower, we call on Fleet Engineering, our group of consulting SMEs. This group of senior engineers come from various industries and OEMs, working under NDAs and on retainer for IPS.

These SMEs consult on fleet-level engineering solutions for IPS customers, where we target improvements for specific equipment, then implement coast to coast. This is how we leverage scale at IPS.

Reporting for a deeper understanding of your equipment

IPS provides detailed, rigorous reporting on your critical infrastructure. We review and approve all project documentation, including “as received” and “as shipped” test results.

We also offer IPS Tracker, which eliminates paper reporting. Our engineers and technicians upload their work and images in real time for distribution and review anytime, anywhere.

Premium engineered insulation systems

IPS offers the industry’s best warranties on engineered insulation systems for a simple reason. These rewinds power over 50,000 medium- and high-voltage motors, in harsh industrial applications, without failure.

We also offer the IPS Nuclear EQ Motor Insulation System. This medium-voltage Class N and high-voltage rewind is a full class better than competitive technologies — with a 60-year service life.

Our WindGuard™ Class H wind turbine generator rewind and HydroCoil™ premium B-stage hard coils are industry-leading solutions with unmatched performance and reliability.

IPS engineers work with customers to mitigate electrical, thermal, mechanical, and environmental stress on stator windings. We also customize winding designs for efficiency or uprate for more horsepower.

Design and reverse engineering

We reverse engineer and remanufacture equipment and legacy systems no longer supported by the OEM. This includes electric motors and generators, rotating equipment, transformers, and switchgear.

IPS also offers CNC parts manufacturing, for complete control of quality and lead times. We reverse engineer when necessary, with state-of-the-art digital measurement equipment, bore gages, and hardness testing.

Remanufacturing to OEM spec or better

All drop-in motors are not created equal. Before we recommend replacement, we review failed motor applications to assess motor loading and operating conditions.

When you need a replacement motor, we can either source it from the OEM or remanufacture to OEM spec or better. We custom-engineer solutions when nothing is commercially available.

Over time, we can help you define baselines, identify trends, and shape maintenance strategies for increased efficiency and reliability of your equipment.

Customer training to develop SMEs

Our customer success formula includes technical training on electric motors and generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution. We cover routine maintenance and what to do when equipment fails or has an event.

We created IPSU as our online training resource for North America. It includes the most comprehensive collection of training materials, covering every type of motor and application in existence.

IPS conducts electrical and safety training at our training center in Dallas, TX. We’re an NCCER-Accredited Training Sponsor for continuing education credits, with training at satellite locations and via teleconferencing.

We can also provide training at your locations.

To learn more about IPS Engineering, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs