IPS application consulting & engineered solutions

IPS engineers specialize in application consulting and engineered solutions for customers running motors beyond what they’re designed to do. We engineer for the application, redesigning and remanufacturing AC & DC motors to withstand actual operating loads and harsh-duty environments.

Our engineers and technicians work closely on troubleshooting and diagnostics, using root cause failure analysis. They isolate issues and resolve them with new design, improved materials, and custom remanufacturing.

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Industry-specific experience accelerates our process

We service and repair thousands of AC & DC motors, of all sizes and for all applications, every year. These industry-specific projects build our knowledge base and make our consulting and engineering projects more efficient.

In our experience, motor problems typically result from two conflicting business objectives. Motor OEMs want to build their motors as cost-competitively as possible. Their customers want to run these motors beyond their design capacity.

Expert resolution of recurring failure

IPS engineers zero in on the problems resulting from this basic conflict. We look for issues such as excess vibration, voltage spikes, and thermal cycling resulting from running at 250% of capacity.

Motors that fail within five years of installation typically fail for predictable reasons:

  • Excess vibration damages bearings and seals
  • Overheating from excessive loading
  • Turn-to-turn insulation failures
  • Commutator abuse
  • Misalignment causes premature shaft wear

We correct these problems with design changes, specify more robust materials, and hold ultra-tight tolerances during remanufacturing.

IPS rewind technologies for more reliability

IPS offers a wide range of rewinds, including B-stage hard coils for on-site rewinds and premium VPI engineered insulation systems. These technologies offer significant reliability and performance improvements over 20th century design and materials.

For more information on engineered solutions for your applications, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs