IPS design & reverse engineering — The advantages of engineering for the application

IPS designs and reverse engineers electric motors and generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution equipment. Our engineers recommend this step when customers have equipment that doesn’t work in the application.

This situation often occurs with electric motors, which may be inefficient, underpowered, or exhibit inherent design flaws in operation. We redesign for increased power density, efficiency, and uptime reliability. IPS also reverse engineers and remanufactures equipment no longer supported by the OEM – with or without drawings.

Our engineers look for vibration issues with rotating assemblies or excess oil usage. We aim to solve operating problems and exceed OEM quality, regardless of the equipment.

An experienced review of design and application requirements

Our collective experience is a key IPS advantage in reverse engineering. Members of the IPS Engineering Council review the design features and the designer’s intent, then look for opportunities to improve the design.

We detect the issues and develop the solutions based on industry-specific experience. Because we’re building in lower quantities, we can invest more time in design and use higher quality materials.

Our tolerances are tighter

IPS engineers identify failure modes in operation. Once we determine the application’s specific requirements, we engineer improvements.

We’re not building a thousand general-purpose motors and our veteran technicians can hold tighter tolerances. The end result is equipment engineered and built for the application, with increased operating reliability.

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The quality of IPS engineered solutions

IPS solved a refinery’s problems with vertical motors driving pumps. We designed, machined, and assembled to higher tolerances, eliminating excess vibration and load on the bearings and seals.

Engineering for pumps and other rotating equipment

IPS engineers design and reverse engineer rotating equipment — pumps, fans, blowers, and compressors. We make OEM-level investments in 3D metrology and 3D modeling, to map worn, discontinued, or unique parts.

Our manufacturing includes redesigning parts for longer life and upgrading materials. We provide castings in stainless steel, aluminum bronze, and cast iron.

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Reverse engineering for power distribution equipment

Our power management business offers reverse engineering when components are unavailable or the customer doesn’t want used reconditioned equipment.

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IPS has close working relationships with OEMs