Predictive and preventive maintenance for critical infrastructure

IPS predictive and preventive maintenance moves operations away from a reactive approach to equipment failure. Our programs improve reliability and extend the life of critical infrastructure, for lower operating costs and reduced capital spending.

We test, service, and maintain electric motors and generators, rotating equipment, and power distribution. Our field service technicians work closely with the IPS engineering corps to develop fleet-level solutions for reliability challenges.

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Predictive and preventive maintenance for electric motors & generators

We combine industry-specific experience with OEM-level investments in technology and test equipment. Over time, IPS can help you build a data-driven approach to condition-based maintenance.

Our field service technicians define a baseline to identify trends and improve reliability with multiple diagnostic tools, including:

  • Motion amplification technology
  • Vibration & modal analysis
  • Motor circuit evaluation (MCE)
  • Doble testing
  • Partial discharge testing
  • Thermography

We also perform preventive maintenance. This includes:

  • Laser alignment
  • Cryogenic cleaning
  • On-site balancing
  • Commutator and slip ring service
  • Bearing inspection and replacement
  • Lubrication programs

IPS provides OEM-authorized service and repair, and end-of-warranty inspections for repair or replace decisions.

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Predictive and preventive maintenance for rotating equipment

Over time, pumps, fans, blowers, and compressors develop mechanical problems, such as worn bearings, misalignment, and shaft bends. We troubleshoot with expert diagnostics, including flow tests and vibration analysis, then correct problems with cleaning, field alignment, and balancing.

Our field service technicians use IR analysis to isolate electrical overloading, underloading, or connection problems. IR analysis also reveals problems with bearings, couplings, pump seals, and gaskets.

We also use:

  • Ultrasound analysis
  • Motor current signature analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Partial discharge testing

Our maintenance for rotating equipment includes:

  • Belt inspections and tightening
  • Bearing inspection, lubrication, and replacement
  • Shaft inspection and alignment
  • Blade and impeller inspection and cleaning

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Predictive and preventive maintenance for power distribution

End user electrical distribution and grounding causes up to 80 percent of power quality problems. Power quality is your responsibility — we can help you manage it.

IPS PowerServe leads our predictive and preventive maintenance for electrical systems — substations, transformers, switchgear, motor control panels, and breakers. Their technicians and electrical engineers perform NETA testing and inspection in accordance with the latest NETA MTS standard.

We help you develop a regimen to identify and correct problems that cause equipment deterioration, to improve power distribution safety, reliability, and performance. Our electrical testing and maintenance services include:

  • Protective relay testing, calibration, and repairs
  • OCB, vacuum and SF6 testing and repairs
  • Grounding system testing, calibration, and repair
  • Control circuit troubleshooting
  • Cable testing — power factor and hi-pot
  • Battery and UPS systems

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IPS has close working relationships with OEMs