TCO- Wood Product Manufacturing

TCO- Wood Product Manufacturing


A dryer ID fan motor in an OSB (Oriented Strand Board) facility had failed three times in one year. Unplanned downtime cost the operators up to $7,500 an hour in lost production, with an unplanned Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of $88,200.



The customer shipped the motor to IPS for analysis and repair. During initial inspection, we documented these findings:

  • Winding had phase paper unevenly applied, resulting in phase-to-phase shorts.
  • Some stator windings were void of resin, causing insulation failure from contamination, vibration and electrical stresses.


Our motor rewind included vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) to ensure full resin protection of windings, with the IPS Winder applying phase paper evenly by hand during the rewind process, using only high-quality, inverter-duty wire on all rewinds.


This ID fan motor rewind, like all IPS rewinds, provided complete coverage of phase paper every four coils. We also used proven winding techniques, for connections, blocking, lacing and spacing, to improve mechanical, electrical, thermal and environmental protection.



  • The IPS rewound motor has operated reliability for several years without incident, eliminating all unplanned downtime, lost production and repair costs.
  • The IPS rewind cost was approximately 32% higher than competitive bids, but the customer documented annual savings of $62,800 in the first year of operation compared to the prior year.


Download the complete case study and calculations below:

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