The New IPS Tagline Defines What Makes Us Different

The new IPS tagline defines what makes us different.

What’s the point of a tagline? Ideally, it’s a compact, powerful message that conveys the brand’s most fundamental values. Our previous tagline, “Reliability. Delivered.” represented us well, but as we have expanded, it no longer communicated why customers should choose us.

Changing our tagline was a decision rooted in our dedication to our customers and their feedback. By listening to their voices, we recognized the need to redefine our brand message to better reflect the experience of working with us. Our new tagline – Respond. Rethink. Resolve. conveys our core values and showcases our commitment to customers and their success. 

Our tagline is our North Star. It defines what makes us different. And if you’re not working with us, it offers a valuable way to assess your current power service providers.

How effectively do your power service providers respond to problems?

One of the advantages of working in continuous process industries is that we understand the cost of unplanned downtime. Equipment failure is expensive. An IPS customer can lose thousands of dollars in the time it takes to read this sentence.

As IPS expands into new manufacturing and commercial markets, we understand that all infrastructure is mission-critical. And customers dealing with an emergency or planning an outage have the same expectations. They want us to show up and help solve their toughest challenges.

This is where IPS leverages skill and speed with unmatched scale. Our North American network keeps us close to our customers, with every service center providing a gateway to our combined resources. We can provide single-source solutions for your electro-mechanical, rotating equipment, and power management requirements.

Our customers know we’re always available with safe, trained, and skilled technicians. This makes us more responsive. It also eliminates the need to manage and coordinate multiple vendors.

Is it time to rethink recurring equipment failures?

Recurring equipment failure has costs that go beyond lost productivity. Fortunately, IPS has a track record of breaking that cycle. Few companies have the broad technical perspective we provide to solve problems. We offer fresh thinking for customers who look to multiple suppliers for reliability solutions.

Skilled, experienced engineers and technicians troubleshoot persistent reliability issues using the most advanced diagnostics available. We approach the problem in a new way, then engineer and remanufacture for the application.

Regardless of how we start working together, our goal is to build a relationship.

Are you ready to resolve your operating reliability problems?

We aren’t in business to do the same repair twice. Instead, we view your problems as opportunities for us to deliver the perfect solution.

With IPS supporting your maintenance and operations, we can collaborate to improve reliability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability. We’re ready to service, repair, replace, or remanufacture, with recommendations based on lowering your total cost of ownership.

This is how we revolutionize reliability and serve as trusted advisors. It’s what makes us different from other service providers.

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